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A conversation between team leaders

June 7, 2012


[Office team leader Derrick stops by the cubicle of team leader Colin for a quick chat.] Derrick: “The way you never overwork your team is commendable, it really is.” Colin: “Why, thank you.” D: “Yes, I would be surprised if any team member of yours ever worked past five o’clock or started before nine.” C: […]

How I Imagine Los Angeles to be…

February 2, 2012


HOW I IMAGINE LOS ANGELES TO BE… [Interior: a smart, soulless coffee shop. The espresso machine blasts over the din of numerous conversations.] Important-Looking Suited Man 1: Phew! Important-Looking Suited Man 2: Man, I’m so busy right now. I must have answered 150 e-mails already and they haven’t even brought my bagel over yet. ISM […]