I have been namechecked by everyone from David Soul to my nan – and feel very proud, indeed!

Below are some links to my published work over the years.



Cambridge, UK

As creative writing consultant for MotivatEd Ltd, I was involved in several projects:

– London 2012: Get Set goes global

GetSetGoesGlobal01   GetSetGoesGlobal02

In 2011-12, I was contracted by Motivated Ltd to create quality teaching resources for primary, secondary education and educators around the world. These teaching resources were produced for the London 2012 Olympic Committee (www.london2012.com)


– Rugby Football Union –


I worked on more teacher-student resources for Motivated Ltd, this time with the RFU as the end-user in time for the Rugby World Cup.


– Footee / Rugbee –


I wrote interactive eLearning games that used sport to help children focus on the UK National Curriculum.



Bristol, UK


Research Media is a publisher that runs a series of science magazines under the umbrella name International Innovation. As associate editor for Research Media, I have written a great number of articles and interviews that put focus on the scientists of today who are making groundbreaking discoveries.

Research Media can be found at the following address: http://www.research-europe.com/





Kemptation (www.kemptation.com) is an international music site that delivers regular news, reviews, interviews and mixtapes on the most exciting, up-and-coming artists from around the world. The site has grown considerably since its inception, with more than 30 writers, photographers and music producers contributing regularly. While I started Kemptation alone (everything from the concept to the design and implementation), I now head up an entire editorial team.

Besides editorial and management, I also write news, reviews and features for Kemptation. For a complete presentation of my work, please visit my author page.



London, UK


Bearded Magazine is a popular, former-print publication that now exists in Internet form. This, by no means, hinders the quality of the magazine, which offers its readers an unbiased and celebratory view of the often overlooked independent music scene.

I started as one of Bearded’s contributors, reviewing records and writing features, before serving a year as the magazine’s Reviews Editor.

Bearded’s Guide To…Columbus, Ohio, USA

EP: Gruff Rhys – Atheist Xmas

Interview: Heights

Interview Live: A Storm of Light @ The Croft, Bristol, UK

Live: Casiotone for the Painfully Alone @ The Cube, Bristol, UK 

Live: Dog is Dead @ Thekla, Bristol, UK

Record: Mountain Man – Made The Harbor



Oaxaca, Mexico


Founded in 1988, the Oaxaca Times is a quarterly publication that connects English-speaking tourists with the local culture of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Santa Ana del Valle

“¡Ay, que riiico!”: A Cartoon by Richard Kemp

Callejón del Carmen

Celebrating a Local, Organic Oaxaca

Semana Santa in Oaxaca



London, UK

Between 2007 and 2010, I worked as a reviews writer for Kruger Magazine. Although the publication sadly met its demise in 2010, it had won enough awards to be hailed as the UK’s second favourite free music magazine. The boffins behind its website are currently putting together a site that will act as a montage of everything Kruger magazine has done for us. Here’s what you can see so far: http://www.thatjoefella.co.uk/work/kruger-magazine/





Pretty Much Amazing (PMA) is one of the more popular music publications out there in the blogosphere.

Record: The Horrors – Skying

Record: Arctic Monkeys – Suck It And See

Record: Toro y Moi – Underneath the Pine

Record: Akron/Family – II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT

Record: The Go! Team – Rolling Blackouts

Record: Brian Eno – Small Craft on a Milk Sea 

EP: James Blake – CMYK/Klavierwerke



Santiago, Chile


Revolver Santiago is becoming more and more popular by the minute. Affiliated with The Santiago Times, Revolver Santiago is the place to go for anyone wondering what’s happening in Chile’s Big Smoke.

Interview: E-Men – Industrial, Electro and Loneliness Come Together

Interview: “The Whole World Dances” – Chico Trujillo’s 10th Anniversary

Live: Punky Pagan Party – Juan Fe and La Mano Ajena Lock Horns 

Live: Voice Of The People – Concha Buika Comes To Town

Live: Hard and Fast – The Killers Come To Santiago 

Live: Chilean Music Lovers Unite! Dia de la Musica Returns



Cardiff, UK


A music publication that endeavours to cross the sonicsphere, Stereoboard has gained a large following. In 2010, it finally got into the top ten most visited music sites in the UK.

Interview: Bellowhead

Record: Tinie Tempah – Disc-O-Very

Record: The Daredevil Christopher Wright – In Deference to a Broken Back

Record: China Soul – Secrets and Words



Columbus, OH, USA


Although unaffiliated with the Ohio State University, UWeekly nevertheless caters for its students, bringing them informative, relevant and, quite often, humorous news.

Your future awaits: A guide to your last quarter of college

Healthy Eating: “It’s the Future”

Over 1,000 Strong, OSU Student Clubs Have Much to Offer

Hostelling: Don’t Believe Everything You See in the Movies

Ride Like The Wind: A Student’s Guide to Cycling Around Town




My Briefs is a sports humour site that covers everything from football and golf to baseball, basketball and ice hockey. I spent a term writing for their football/soccer column.

My Briefs



London, UK

Gobshout was a community fanzine that provides its subscribers with a regular dose of music news, reviews, features and comedy.

Express Yourself

They Shoulda Been Huge: Lightyear

Stop, Hug and Skank

What Music You Into Then?

Nought All Bad

Classic Album: The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour

Mixtape: That Difficult Second Album

News: Chao Loves Blobby!

Live: The Soul Slingers @ Ruby Tuesday, Columbus, Ohio, USA 

Live: Jose Miguel Norambuena and Martín Pescador

Live: Gogol Bordello w/ La Mano Ajena @ Industria Cultural, Santiago, Chile

Live: Picnic Kibun @ Cine Arte, Santiago, Chile

Live: Pablo Lefio, Martín Pescador and Felix Quiroz @ Tallersol, Santiago, Chile

Live: A Wilhelm Scream @ The Croft, Bristol, UK

Gobshout Top Five Albums of the Year: NUMBER ONE

Record: The Tragically Hip – We Are The Same

EP: The Superfantastics – Choose Your Destination

EP: Sparrow and the Workshop – Into The Wild

EP: The Miserable Rich – Covers

EP: Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump – Buy a Life

Single: AT8 – Adam’s Party



Cardiff, UK

The Fresh Outlook is a not-for-profit news source that prides itself on its impartiality. The publication strives to provide fresh, up-and-coming news without the hidden political agenda. In 2010, I edited bits and pieces for them. Here is their website: http://thefreshoutlook.com/




UK Music Review is an online music publication based in the South of the UK. I wrote a number of reviews for the publication. This is the only one that I have been able to find.

Record: Red Velvet – Red Velvet



It’s always nice to get a namecheck. Here are a few hollers and mentions I have received over the years:

Columbus Creative Cooperative

David Soul

Supersound Records


Eskimo Project

Gus Garcia

The University of Gloucestershire’s alumni association run a monthly feature on past students and where they are now. They chose me for the January 2011 issue. This is where I am, or was at the time.

Thanks for reading!

Richard Kemp


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